Our Clients’ Needs…

Even though we have clients in vastly different areas of business, we’ve found that they generally NEED the same things to enhance their digital preence online and with respect to their branding needs.

I just attended an ICLEF (Indiana Continuing Legal Education Forum) conference on Social Networks for Attorneys and most of the best practices and uses of this medium can be applied to many areas of business…as long as they are SMALL BUSINESSES.  Which is our specialty. 

We love working with business owners and founders, as we are one as well.  We find our ability to think in terms of entrepreneurship and small buisness growth opportunities is unique to this experience. 

Here’s to a successful and profitable 2012!!


About Cathy Rubey

InGe, Inc. provides marketing, creative, and production services. Whether you need to promote an event, shoot a commercial, an editor for an employee handbook, a press release, mobile application, or a new website, InGe, Inc.’s creative department can tailor and deliver to meet your exact needs.
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