Why you should always use a picture for your profile on Linked In

Friends, please….PLEASE post a picture as part of your profile.  Social Networks are…social.  And to better be social, you need to connect with another person.  To better understand and recognize that person, a photo is really important…so please PLEASE cut and paste a photo of yourself NOT doing an upside-down margarita but while facing the camera with a recent representation of yourself.  This way, folks will recognize you when they MEET you!!

Speaking of photos, here’s my IU peeps and myself representing during our win on the road at Illinois!


About Cathy Rubey

InGe, Inc. provides marketing, creative, and production services. Whether you need to promote an event, shoot a commercial, an editor for an employee handbook, a press release, mobile application, or a new website, InGe, Inc.’s creative department can tailor and deliver to meet your exact needs.
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