Social Media Week 2013 event information

Hi Friends and Family.  I am speaking as part of the 2013 Social Media Week in Chicago on September 24, at 1:00 at the Chicago Architectural Foundation. My topic is Social Media for Small Businesses.

Please click here to view my event details and to register. All the events are FREE and a great opportunity to get up to speed on emerging trends in social media, mobile technology, and best practices on a corporate or individual level in most areas of business and commerce.  If by chance you CANNOT make it, you are in luck because my session is going to be live-streamed as well.  Just click on the projector icon on my event page and sign up.

To make it even EASIER to register, attend or watch, there is a SMW mobile application you can download (again, FREE) to your smartphone (or tablet/iPad) and watch. Here’s the link for that

Thanks and have a great week!!


About Cathy Rubey

InGe, Inc. provides marketing, creative, and production services. Whether you need to promote an event, shoot a commercial, an editor for an employee handbook, a press release, mobile application, or a new website, InGe, Inc.’s creative department can tailor and deliver to meet your exact needs.
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