An Ad for HoC

Love it and can’t wait!

Silicon Spatula

Netflix dropped a new House of Cards trailer on us yesterday.

As expected, it features the Underwoods presumably involved in various nefarious acts, and, perhaps, facing the consequences. Based on the trailer, here’s what we know for sure:

1. As in previous seasons, House of Cards will feature motorcades of black SUVs and flashing sirens, generally in the rain.

2. People will be placed in jail. They probably won’t belong there.

3. Apple products will receive an inordinate amount of product placement.

4. Claire will go running.

Beyond these basic assumptions, HoC 3’s plot arc is up for debate. The fundamental question facing most watchers is, will Frank face the music this season, or will he continue to Richard III his way up the chain? Is there anywhere he can go but down? Whatever the outcome is, I’ve canceled my plans for February 27th.

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