Gov. Pence clarifies purpose of ‘news’ site

This made the national news and he looks like an idiot, sadly. Not the best way to start a campaign of any kind.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – After a member of Gov. Mike Pence’s team leaked details about a state-run news source site, Pence is clarifying the specifics of the site.

The Indianapolis Star was first to break the story about Just IN, the name of the state-run media site. According to The Star, the taxpayer-funded news outlet that will make pre-written news stories available to Indiana media, as well as sometimes break news about Pence’s administration. Art Herbig, assistant professor in IPFW’s Communication Department, said the state is overstepping its bounds if this becomes a news source website.

“It’s dangerous when we allow ourselves to only be told what the state wants us to know,” he said.

Daniel Tamul, another assistant professor in IPFW’s Communication Department, said this could be bad news for smaller media outlets that don’t have its own newspaper or access to TV news.

“If this is the…

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