There’s no such thing as an ex-employee


Companies often focus on how employees are brought in, but what about when they leave? Chances are, there’s not much thought put into making this transition comfortable (for both parties) or even in considering the value of the opportunity. If onboarding is like a helping hand in, then offboarding can often be like a shove out into the cold.

What is the value, then, of getting it right?

Karma — kidding, sort of. In other words, you simply don’t know what the future holds. When an employee moves on, their relationship with your organization only ends on paper. Beyond that, their time with your company is a part of who they are, and that can manifest in any number of ways — they can be an ambassador (much like a customer) that sings your good praises and refer you job candidates; they could become an actual customer, or they might…

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