Run Forrest Run

I identify with just about everything in this post! Good work!

The Fame Mauritius


I am at kilometre 7, and I can feel the pain. I am no way an experienced trailer, yet I am keeping at it. Why do I do it? And what it brings me?

  1. Health
    Obvious reason – breathing in fresh air, increasing my stamina. I would become breathless my going up a flight of steps, and look at me now at kilometre 7 🙂
  2. Discovery of the island and nature
    Damn, this has been here all this time? And I did not know about it? The time of looking at the beauty of my island through postcards is over. I am experiencing it now. I take my own (somewhat not so great) pictures, but at least I can say I have experienced it myself
  3. Camaraderie
    I don’t know how many times I have heard words of encouragement from others who were overtaking me. “Courage” – “C’est…

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