5 Celebrities with Embarrassing Commercials

Yea agree with all!

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(Image Credit: Lincoln Motor Company) (Image Credit: Lincoln Motor Company)

We’ve all had a moment where we initially think something is a great idea, and then realize at some point (either immediately after or several years later) what a truly bad idea it actually was. For instance, when I thought I wanted to be a redhead three days before my college graduation, I immediately realized what a bad choice that had been the moment my hairdresser spun me around to face the mirror. Yet my weird clog phase that I went through in high school didn’t dawn on me as an embarrassing blip in time until very recently. Knowing we all do such things, we can’t pass too much judgment on celebrities when they too make a decision they might find highly embarrassing in the years to come, but we can still laugh. And hey, when you’re making a big paycheck from something a little…

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