Why Apple’s HBO Deal Isn’t a Streaming TV Game-Changer (Yet)



Monday’s news that HBO is coming to Apple devices without a cable subscription is likely to make fans of HBO’s massively popular Game of Thrones say “Hodor.” Well, either that or “Hodor!,” but definitely not the disappointed and downtrodden “hodor.”

Why? This partnership could be a game-changer the likes of which will open the flood gates for television channels to flee the grip of cable companies — but there’s also the possibility that for most HBO-watchers, it will do nothing at all.

While HBO already has a streaming service in HBO Go, access to it is limited to users who are already paying for HBO through a cable package. The new offering, HBO Now, can be purchased by anybody, cable subscriber or not, for $14.99 a month. For the first three months, you’ll only be able to sign up on an Apple device.

That last part — the fact…

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