FBI vs Apple 

I get it. There does not exist a less villainous iPhone than that of a dead terrorist who killed innocent people. The government waited until absolutely nobody could blame them for NEEDING and wanting access to THIS PARTICULAR LOCKED IPHONE. It’s no accident then that Tim Cook and Apple were asked to not only unlock it for the FBI, and to build software expressly for that purpose.

A 5th grader can look online in a number of locations YouTube and find out how to circumvent the passcode on an iPhone. 

But the government is bound by laws and regulations that probably makes doing that compromise any future indictments or actions. Ok, bummer.

Having just watched the Oscar nominated Spotlight last weekend, I am aware of creative tactics and procedures used by the attorneys to gain access to sealed information in that case Spotlight.

I know for a fact there are many really REALLY smart people employed by our government in multiple departments. If the government ONLY wanted access to this one phone belonging to this one person, there are options out there.

Or, is it the 256 bit encryption the government is really after.  



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