5 Celebrities with Embarrassing Commercials

Yea agree with all!

So Fetch Daily

(Image Credit: Lincoln Motor Company) (Image Credit: Lincoln Motor Company)

We’ve all had a moment where we initially think something is a great idea, and then realize at some point (either immediately after or several years later) what a truly bad idea it actually was. For instance, when I thought I wanted to be a redhead three days before my college graduation, I immediately realized what a bad choice that had been the moment my hairdresser spun me around to face the mirror. Yet my weird clog phase that I went through in high school didn’t dawn on me as an embarrassing blip in time until very recently. Knowing we all do such things, we can’t pass too much judgment on celebrities when they too make a decision they might find highly embarrassing in the years to come, but we can still laugh. And hey, when you’re making a big paycheck from something a little…

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The Best Workout for Weight Loss


Everyone knows that cardio exercise—by way of a bike ride or a sprint—is key to weight loss. But a high-intensity cardio workout may do a better job of decreasing blood sugar levels than lower intensity exercise, according to a new study in Annals of Internal Medicine.

The study assigned 300 obese people to a group: one that exercised with low intensity for long periods of time or another that engaged in high-intensity workouts for short durations. By the end of six months, people in both groups experienced similar levels of weight loss. But those who had exercised with higher intensities saw reduced two-hour glucose levels, a key measure for predicting conditions like heart disease and stroke. People in the high-intensity group saw a 9% improvement in glucose tolerance, compared to a negligible change in people who took part in low-intensity exercise.

Increasing the intensity of a workout isn’t beyond the…

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Friday at Indiana University CEWiT Conference

Come hang with some wicked smart chicks, network, enjoy a lovely dinner and ME!


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The Fascinating History of the Coca-Cola Bottle

Back home again…..


Coca-Cola is making a lot of the 100th anniversary of its iconic bottle. Given what’s happening with soda sales generally, and Coke sales in particular, the festivities come at a delicate time.

The celebration of the bottle includes an ad campaign in more than 100 countries featuring Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, and Ray Charles, and an exhibit at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta called “The Coca-Cola Bottle: An American Icon at 100.” The exhibit will include “more than 100 objects, including more than 15 works of art by Andy Warhol and more than 40 photographs inspired by or featuring the bottle,” the company said in a statement.

Warhol, of course, was pilloried for his seeming embrace of consumerism though works like the Campbell Soup Cans and Coke Bottles, though of course it wasn’t that simple. The result was that the counterculture had infiltrated consumer culture, and vice versa…

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Run Forrest Run

I identify with just about everything in this post! Good work!

The Fame Mauritius


I am at kilometre 7, and I can feel the pain. I am no way an experienced trailer, yet I am keeping at it. Why do I do it? And what it brings me?

  1. Health
    Obvious reason – breathing in fresh air, increasing my stamina. I would become breathless my going up a flight of steps, and look at me now at kilometre 7 🙂
  2. Discovery of the island and nature
    Damn, this has been here all this time? And I did not know about it? The time of looking at the beauty of my island through postcards is over. I am experiencing it now. I take my own (somewhat not so great) pictures, but at least I can say I have experienced it myself
  3. Camaraderie
    I don’t know how many times I have heard words of encouragement from others who were overtaking me. “Courage” – “C’est…

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Tools That Will Help You Meet Your Health and Fitness Goals

Love the Jawbone UP band too! Runkeeper is a keeper as well!!

Brown is the New Pink

I was recently contacted by a representative from Oscar Health Insurance, a health insurance provider in New Jersey and New York, to write a post about tools that help me reach my health and fitness goals. Oscar recently started providing their members with Misfit bands to help them reach fitness goals. According to the Oscar Health Insurance website, “Sync with the Oscar app to count your steps and earn $1 when you hit your daily goal. We’ll personalize your goal to keep you moving. You can get up to $240 each year just for being active.” Pretty cool, right?

I thought the post was a good fit for Brown is the New Pink. I always appreciate recommendations for new apps and anything that can help me stay on track to reach my goals, and I hope that y’all will too.

Let’s start off with tools that I use . . .

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The Last Five Minutes


snaphappybunny's Blog


That remaining five minutes on the treadmill is always the most excruciating for me. I push myself to keep running, my heart beating so fast I can’t keep up, my lungs in the verge of bursting. I remind myself as I glance at the machine’s display that “it’s the last five minutes, you’ve been at this for the past forty-five minutes you can certainly finish the rest”, but then I look back at the time display and only 30secs have passed. Quickly, agony comes and I think, why am I torturing myself like this? Why can’t I just stop this dreaded machine instead of letting it run me down? Just push the stop button, it’ll all be over.

My eyes shift towards a picture of a fit model doing some squats and I remove my hand from the stop button. Maybe this is why I keep a fitness magazine beside…

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How-To: Update your old MacBook, Mac mini, or Mac Pro hard drive with a fast SSD

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Molly Ringwald Talks About the Most Embarrassing Part of Filming The Breakfast Club


Thirty years ago, The Breakfast Club opened in theaters. John Hughes’ 1985 film about five high schoolers from different cliques who spend a Saturday in detention realizing they’re more alike than different is one of the most beloved coming of age movies of all time.

In light of the anniversary—and the re-release of the movie in March—TIME caught up with Molly Ringwald, who played Claire Standish, the princess of troublemakers, and turned 17 after the film premiered.

When she is not acting, Ringwald is a jazz musician, touring to promote her 2013 album Except Sometimes, and author of the “Ask Molly” advice column forThe Guardian. Her next film will be Jem and the Holograms, the big-screen adaption of another 1980s classic.

Here’s why Ringwald says no one will forgetThe Breakfast Club anytime soon.

TIME: So what are your initial thoughts about The Breakfast Club,

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Apple opens up iWork for iCloud apps to anyone, no need to own an Apple device

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